Working It On A Nissan X-Trail 2005


Hi there, first I’m canadian and my SUV so. I’m a hobbyist doing his best, not a mechanic, I don’t take control of other people’s installation issues. Anyway, I made the decision to buy a SUV some months ago, and it comes without the wiring harness for that trailer and also the hitch. I made it myself. In this part, only the wiring will be presented. This is for 4 pins harness connector. In any doubt, you can do while i have done for some wires; use a multimeter. Everything on that car works on a 12VDC. Ground yourself somewhere, skin a little bit of the wire and do function tests.

Step 1: Take Off Rear Left Plastic Pannel

Open the trunk door. Remove the pannel to your left. Do it without missing a piece. To obtain there, you’ll need to eliminate the Plastic trunk cover, plastic middle part where the truck door locked, styrofoam over the spare wheel, the spare wheel, the left part cover, the left part styrofoam, the rear left plactic pannel. And now, you have enough space to operate.

Step 2: Purchase an Adaptor of This Type

Step Three: Identify All the Right Colors of the SUV’s Wires

Seems I ignore the white wire; on adaptor, it is the ground, so obtain an empty spot sand it to clean metal, drill it and bolt it firmly in place.

Back is not applied to 4 pins connector. I used mine for a back-up horn device.

Step 4: Tiewrap All Lossen Components

‘Cause vibration can cause misconnection or wires to cut entirely.

Step 5: Put Back Your Rear Left Plastic You’re and Pannel Done!

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