Volvo Does Not Want To Comprise Power And Efficiency+D2966


Horsepower or fuel economy? How about both? The engineers at Volvo have outwitted compromise with the introduction of the remarkable new Drive-E Powertrain. Efficient power is the Drive-E mantra as well as the numbers – up to 302 hp or higher to 35 mpg – back it up.

The amount of cylinders is no longer important for describing power, Derek Crabb, Volvo’s VP of Powertrain Engineering tells us. Power isn’t based on cylinders but by the amount of air that flows from the engine. So Volvo engineers got to work developing a method that dramatically increases engine airflow. Generating power using this method allowed for a substantial decrease in the weight and size in the engine while improving output. Working in sync with the 8-speed gearbox, this integrated system delivers impressive power and MPG – giving us a new definition for high performance.

It’s considered a reason for pride that environmental sustainability is a cornerstone of Swedish design. Drive-E carries on that tradition. Because these Volvos consume less fuel and CO2 emissions are reduced by 30%, you can experience high-performance with a clear conscience.

Volvo has started introducing the Drive-E Powertrain in 2015 models that you can find at your local dealer today. You’ll get the chance to eliminate the compromise between power and efficiency throughout the whole Volvo family, as new models are introduced.

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