Touring a Car Dealership


Touring car dealerships is an important a part of the car buying process as any. There are a multitude of reasons you should tour a dealership before you make a purchase, not least among them the importance of your comfort and the fact that you’ll be bringing your car back to the dealership long after the initial purchase if you have any type of warranty or service package.


When you visit a car lot, simply ask the salesperson who you’re working with if you can have a tour. They’re usually happy to accommodate you. Make sure they know that you want to see more than just the car lot. Of course, you’ll want to walk around the lot and see all the available cars. But ask to see inside the dealership too. Talk to people inside, visit your salesperson’s office, and make sure that you check out the service center. The service center might be the most important thing to view. When you buy a new car, it often comes with a warranty or package that includes basic service for the first few years of the cars’ life. If your car comes with this, it means that you’ll be visiting the service center at a dealership like Redlands Nissan every time you need an oil change or tire rotation.
Of course, while you’re walking around seeing the dealership, you’re getting a chance to get to know your salesperson too and during this time you can assess if you think they’re a good match for you. Do you feel comfortable talking to them about what you want in a car and telling them no if they show you something that isn’t right for you? A dealership tour somewhere like Metro Nissan Redlands is a great way to get to know both the dealership and staff.

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